If you have a BAD DJ at your school dance it directly impacts the next dance. This cycle can really hurt a school in terms of ticket sales, which are used to fund future school activities.

A GREAT DJ brings excitement among students for the next dance. Which will increase ticket sales, especially if the same DJ is used for the next dance. Continuing this GREAT DJ cycle dance after dance will also allow you to increase ticket prices and overall increase the funding that comes back to the school.


Ceremony is the most important part of your whole day. We make sure you have crystal clear audio and music during the whole ceremony.
Prelude Music
Ceremony Music
Mics are completely hidden from sight and pictures
Instrumental plug in’s (piano,vocals,guitar,etc.)




It’s all about you. Booking a DJ should be an exciting, fun and easy experience. We are not sales people. We don’t assign you random people to DJ your wedding. We meet with you, we listen to your needs, and we guide you through every step of the way to ensure your wedding is amazing. We are all about creating awesome!

This is not a birthday party, your wedding celebration only happens once. There are no second chances and we understand that. Hire a DJ you trust. One that can handle the intricate details and needs of your event. This is not some side gig for us, we or seasoned PROs! We do it week in and week out… and we LOVE IT!


We have two package options to choose from, but both of them include the following items

1 hour of cocktail music

4 hours of wedding reception DJ/MC services

Wedding Party introductions with custom mixing

Wireless microphones for toasts and announcements

1 on 1 meeting with the DJ/MC of your choice prior to the wedding

Interactive games

All the traditional dances


Turn any venue into the most beautiful reception room ever. We can do this through unique, venue specific, up-lighting. Most companies just put out 10 lights and set the color. We do site inspections prior to the day of your wedding and design a lighting solution that will highlight and enhance the room.

Stay Involved.

Once you begin making contacts don’t let the momentum slip away. When I got married we wanted to use the same photographer that I recommended for a friends wedding we attended. She wasn’t available! Luckily I had another favorite. But if you wait too long, get involved with other activities, you might miss out. It’s also a strong indicator to move on if a vendor that you reached out to doesn’t stay in touch. This could be a friendly email or call to check in and see how your process is going. Ask questions and see how quickly you get a response

Plan Ahead.

This makes a lot of sense. But if you stop stay involved and you lose your momentum you won’t be checking off items on your to do list. So how do you keep proactive? Delegating helps. You have a team in your family and friends that you can choose from wisely to assist. You can also use the vendors you trust as sounding blocks. And failing all that, you can go back to tip #1 which is scanning the internet for clues and advice.There are some

mistakes you can’t afford to make. One of them is choosing a venue too small for the amount of guests on your list. Know your list before you book a venue and find out you have to cancel to get a better sized location.

Have a vendor you absolutely love, and can’t live without? Check their availability before you lock in your date with other vendors and your location.

Budget and then pick your most important items first.

How To Plan Ahead For Your  Wedding

Planning a wedding can be stressful. Because it’s such an extracurricular activity.There’s a lot you can do online.
This is where all your research begins. But before you sign on the dotted line you’ve got to be sure. And knowing how you make decisions is key. Are you comfortable with just visiting a vendor website? Do you find it helpful to read positive reviews? Is there something you’re shopping for that you need to experience in person? Knowing your shopping decision making style will make it easier for you to choose.